What is Radiation Treatment?
what is Linear Accelerator?    

The Medical Linear Accelerator produces higher-energy x-rays that can penetrate deeper into tissue and reduce dose to skin. The Linear Accelerator uses high-frequency electromagnetic waves to accelerate electrons to high energy through a microwave accelerator structure. The high-energy electron beam itself can be used for treating superficial tumors or it can be made to strike a target to produce an X-ray beam for treating deep-seated tumors.

The Multileaf Collimator facilities the use of complex Three-Dimensional treatment plans. The Multileaf Collimator contains multiple pairs of thin leaves (usually 20 to 40) that attenuate the beam. Since each leaf can be moved independently of the others, a field of any shape can be rapidly created eliminating the time required to reenter the treatment room and insert customized beam-shaping blocks.



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